Angela El-Zeind (seminars)


Angela El-Zeind is a Brighton-based performer, director and facilitator who has worked in the UK, Greece, USA and Cyprus. Her performance/directing work mainly revolves around Theatre of the Oppressed, Devised Theatre, and Improvisation, and she regularly runs workshops and training events on these subjects. She completed her theatre training in the UK at Ivy House, which introduced her to the dynamics of physical and political theatre. Upon returning to Greece, she worked with various theatre companies as a performer and designer. Since 2008 she has been exploring and developing her work in forum theatre and how it can be used within the community as a platform for empowerment and social change. In 2015, she founded her theatre company Speak Up! Act Out! which produces thought provoking work about issues that affect our society. Using imagery, devising, improvising and story telling techniques, Angela uses theatre as an exciting tool for expression and communication, raising awareness and creating understanding about people’s stories. As well as directing and performing, Angela also is a Lecturer of Theatre Performance at Northbrook College and Portsmouth University.