David Glass Devised Theatre 28 April-3 May (ENGLISH TEXT)


Devised Theatre 2

Αναβλήθηκε, πιθανότατα για τον Οκτώβριο.

The workshops have been postponed. Possibly until the end of October.

28 April -3 May 2020, in Athens, Greece


Devised Theatre is increasingly at the heart of theatre making practices around the world. In this second deeper workshop David will explore the individual authentic voices of the artists. Recapping and strengthening what was learnt last time and developing into the release of more personal narratives, imagery and expressions. The performer  as holistic  collaborative maker is central. The participants will explore the tools of eliciting, image making, emergence, story structure and theme, to develop skills in the creation of original and authentic theatre making. David will introduce his five stage Creative Practice used by many theatre companies worldwide including Gecko Theatre (UK) and Theatre Ash (Hong Kong) It sets a out a clear framework for allowing self led companies to develop vivid and robust work.

David’s approach to teaching is provocative, playful ,challenging and rigourous.


Actors, dancers, performers, directors and experienced amateurs..and any kind of artist.


28, 29, 30 April 18:30-22:30

1,2,3 May 13:00-19:00

PRICE–  140 Euro

PLACE-  37, Antipatrou Street, Petralona, Athens 118 53, Greece

LANGUAGE- The workshop is in English with Greek translation

INFORMATION and BOOKINGS – Please contact Alexandra Pavlidou

alexhelena11@yahoo.gr or

00-30-6944636066 (also on WHATSAPP)

Please arrive at the space 15 minutes prior and wear suitable, comfortable clothing.


“David Glass is one of the world’s great theatre teachers. He is of the most inspiring and creative teachers of performance skills that I have had the pleasure of working with.”

Mike Alfreds, Theatre Director (RSC, National Theatre, The Globe, Founder of Shared Experience)

‘This workshop was inspirational and eye-opening in its dissection of the Creative process. In the few weeks since completion, I have already found myself approaching my creative work in exciting new ways – resulting in more thought-through, experimental pieces. The joy of the workshop was in how it was full of people practising diverse artistic disciplines, and how everyone clearly benefited from it. It was a true joy to work with David and the group’.

– Tom Daldry.

“Even one month after the weekend course with David Glass I can still feel the power of his words and the exercises we did – in my mind and my body. I had a weekend full of wonderful people who under his guidance learnt to lower their judgments, to give them up in order to take part of a creative force – it was a place full of beauty, creativity and love for human beings. I am really not joking when I say I completely fell in love with the way David teaches, how he was always there to answer questions and never ever I felt judged, which was freeing. The lessons there are lessons for life.”

– Lidija Burcak. 

“I have been wanting to transition into theatre for a while now and David’s workshop has really started to get the ball moving for me in this direction. I come from a dance and movement background and I found the workshop really suited to actors, dancers etc. The work process is authentic and the methods really demystified how to create this type of work. The environment was supportive & inspiring I felt safe to explore and be vulnerable. The work seems to explore the human condition and I feel like David is invested in drawing this out from each of us through games and exercise. I would love to do more and hope the course will run again but longer next time! “

– Stella McGowan

“David Glass workshop felt like such a gift. Immediately we were drawn into his way of seeing and observing the world when he stopped the introduction round every time to point out the way someone was moving their hands or their tongues. We were challenged from the first moment to start looking further and closer to what was

happening around us and to what was happening within us. We were challenged to look at all the mess that was already there and with the hours passing by we felt a hunger rising within ourselves. A hunger to make and create and take in everything that was offered to us in the short amount of time.

I feel immensely grateful for the space that was created by David for us to try and guess and fail and try again and fail better. He really knows how to set the right energy within a group. To set that bond of trust and lowering the judgement towards each other and ourselves. I really hope and wish I can work with him again in the future within a workshop or longer training on his way of working. But for now I take with me a good 12 pages of notes and a heart and body that is hungry to make and recreate again.”

– Esmée Begemann

“Everyone has a second stomach for desert”

“David Glass’ Workshops always leave me feeling full yet hungry for more. In the space of two days he manages to bring a group of strangers together and get them working and sharing like they have known one another for years. David may not necessarily teach you anything new, but he will shake you awake and make you realise that you have had this knowledge all along. He reminds us of all the lessons we learnt as a child that are now habits we don’t necessarily notice. After the weekend I felt my creative gears re-oiled and working on over time, I felt challenged, vulnerable yet strong, and ready to continue working my ass off for the things I want.”

– Aimee Kember

David Glass Biography

David Glass is an International award winning solo performer , theatre director , teacher and creative thinker. He is one of the UK founders of the Physical and Visual, Devised, Ensemble  and Applied theatre movements. Training at the Lecoq school of physical theatre  he also studied with Decroux, Grotowski Alvin Ailey, Mike Alfreds, Ed Berman,Peter Brook, Master Lim  and Agusto Boal. He is a leading international theatre teacher and has taught and  influenced three generations of theatre makers in 73 countries. Including Simon McBurney (Complicite) Emma Thompson(Actress) Amit Lehav(Gecko Theatre) Hayley Carmichael and Paul Hunter  (Told by An Idiot ) Lloyd Newson(DV8) Liam Steele(Physical Director)Stephen Daldry( Billy Eliot) and Tina Ellen Lee(Opera Circus) and Jim Chim Hoi(Theatre Ensemble Hong Kong) Tom Morris (Warhorse) And has been influential in shaping the creative lives of performers such as Kathrine Hunter, Anna Marie-Duff , Sarah Parrish and Gong Lee. Always a maverick David is often sighted by Theatre Leaders as a defining force in world theatre. He has worked in over 70 countries.

In 1990 he established David Glass Ensemble and has toured to 32 countries including Mervyn Peake’s Gormenghast which won him TMA  Best Director  award in 1992. He spearheaded theatrical adaptions of films including Les Enfant de Paradis –co-directed with Mike Alfreds-and  Fellini’s La Dolce Vita as well as the first ever stage adaption of Popeye and a celebrated version of Paul Theroux’s Mosquito Coast. Always visually stunning and provocative his recent work includes an acclaimed production of  Bleak House and a visually powerful adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. 

David is co-founder and  associate artistic director of Theatre Ash in Hong Kong and co-founder of the Theatre Collective Siena Italy.

 In 1997 he founded the  ground breaking Lost Child Project working with over 10,000 street children in 22 countries  and established the first Centre For Creative Development with VBNK in Cambodia in 2000. He established and trained the first Forum Theatre company in peer to peer reproductive health in Vietnam with  WHO and the Ford Foundation. In Cambodia he wrote his five stage Creative Practice book which is now used worldwide to help organisations such as Save The Children, UNICEF, ILO and numerous Universities around the world helping them to think and work more creatively. His Ensemble practice has been a key element in the corporate development work of David Pearl Associates.

In 2018 he  is being awarded an honouree Phd from UK University Partner Bath Spa for his innovative theatre and Creative Practice work.

In 2002 he established with Paul Zetter Ensemble Films to make films and film writing around development and arts issues. In its fourteen years it has made hundreds of films across SE Asia and is now branching out in Europe with partners Robert Golden Pictures and BAFTA award winner John Dale. 

For fifteen years David helped shape arts policy and delivery for both the Arts Council of England and The British Council as a consultant and panel member and he established the learning criteria for Physical and Devised Theatre at schools in the  UK.

David continues to work Internationally in 24 countries. The reformed Ensemble has partnership homes at Bath Spa University , East 15 Drama School , Lasalle Collage Singapore and Central Academy of Dramatic Art Beijing , The Haque Centre for Acting and Creativity Singapore,DPAC in KL Malaysia, Marphy’s Playhouse Chengdu,Artogether Goungzou , Created A Monster UK and The Serbia Producing House and the National Theatre of Serbia. David is an Associate Artistic Director of Theatre Ash Hong Kong and The Theatre Collective of Siena, Italy. In 2016 he established The Centre For Creative Practice that teaches creativity across a wide range of organisations and learning institutions and 16 countries. He is lead Creative Practice and leadership trainer for the UN. 

Over the next five years David is working Internationally  on four Legacy projects. AB Project is a nine country youth arts empowerment project using the Anders Brevk killing of 69 young people as a provocation to celebrate the potential of those lost voices at this time of youth polarisation  and marginalisation. This Changes Everything a theatrical adaptation of Naomi Klein’s seminal work on climate change and Capitalism. War/Peace an International co-production with the Japan Olympics 2020. And A DEvine Comedy a trilogy of works celebrating the madness of theatre and the modern world. All of these projects will feed into a legacy learning strand of the DG  Ensemble and its educational partners and that is being researched and developed as part of his Phd into Creativity. 

In 2018 David was made a senior foreign intellectual consultant on Creativity and Creative Practice to the Ministry of Education China to cascade his methodologies to schools , colleges and Universities over the coming five years. 

David  believes passionately in the right of young people to celebrate through the arts and that creative learning is not a commodity but a birth right. He is a citizen of the world who resides in London.